Clinical Data Management and Analysis by leveraging AI and Blockchain

High-throughout data analysis facility

Our customised AI and Blockchain empowered Clinical-trail outcome prediction workflow

Experimental Data

Clinical Data generation

Clinical trials’ data analyses

Aomics core facility:

  • Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain development unit
  • Analytical workflows development and maintenance

Patient data collection

Omics analyses

Artificial intelligence & Blockchain for clinical trail outcome prediction

We at Aomics harnesses blockchain and deep learning to establish data ownership within clinical trials. Our platform integrates data seamlessly into a decentralized blockchain network, merging it with existing experimental data and patient records. This innovative approach predicts clinical trial outcomes, all while maintaining data security through the blockchain. This not only enables medical professionals to expand clinical trial operations but also ensures sustained data integrity.

We employ advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms to forecast the potential outcomes of clinical trials. By analyzing extensive datasets, our AI-driven approach identifies patterns, correlations, and trends within the data. This enables us to make informed predictions about the trial's potential success, offering valuable insights to guide decision-making and optimize trial strategies. Leveraging AI in outcome prediction enhances our ability to anticipate results, refine protocols, and accelerate the path to groundbreaking medical discoveries.

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