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At Aomics, we are at the forefront of this transformation, intelligently integrating data, technology, and analytics to optimize your trials. By expediting decision-making, reducing risks through innovation, and ensuring unwavering trial execution, we empower the accelerated delivery of life-changing therapies. With a dedicated focus on cutting-edge AI-based solutions, Aomics is committed to providing state-of-the-art analyses for clinical data.

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Clinical Data Management

Our services span the entire data lifecycle, from collection and validation to analysis and reporting. With rigorous attention to detail, we ensure data integrity, compliance, and accuracy throughout your trials. Our experienced team employs cutting-edge technologies and customizable solutions to streamline data processes and enhance decision-making. Collaborating seamlessly with sites and sponsors, we transform complex data into meaningful insights, advancing your research goals. More >>

Clinical Research Management

Our expert team offers tailored services spanning study design, regulatory submissions, patient recruitment, data management, and more. With a focus on quality and compliance, we ensure seamless site management and data integrity. Our technological solutions optimize processes, from real-time monitoring to biostatistics. More >>


In clinical trials, our biostatisticians play a critical role in study design, protocol development, data analysis, and interpretation of study results. They help to ensure you that clinical trials are designed in a way that can generate meaningful and reliable results, and they assist in making accurate conclusions based on those results. Biostatisticians use their expertise in statistical methods to determine appropriate sample sizes, select appropriate endpoints, and choose appropriate statistical analyses. More >>

Statistical Programmers for clinical research

Statistical programming for clinical services refers to the use of computer programming languages, such as SAS (Statistical Analysis System), R, and Python, to perform statistical analyses on clinical trial data. This involves cleaning, manipulating, and transforming raw data into analysis-ready datasets, and then using statistical methods to analyze the data and generate results. Our statistical programmers work closely with biostatisticians, data managers, and other members of the clinical trial team to ensure that the data is analyzed accurately and efficiently. More >>

Data Standardization

We conduct clinical trial data standardization adhering to CDISC standards or specifications defined by sponsors. Our metadata-centric approach to standardization ensures that our clients receive high-quality results swiftly, accompanied by notable cost efficiencies. More >>

Medical devices

Revolutionize your medical device development journey with our comprehensive CRO services. At Aomics, we are dedicated to guiding your innovations from concept to market reality. Our expertise spans a wide spectrum of medical specialties, ensuring that your device meets the highest standards of safety, efficacy, and regulatory compliance. From initial concept assessment and feasibility studies to regulatory submissions, clinical trials, and post-market surveillance, our tailored solutions streamline every stage of your device’s lifecycle. More >>

AI and Blockchain

We at Aomics harnesses blockchain and deep learning to establish data ownership within clinical trials. Our platform integrates data seamlessly into a decentralized blockchain network, merging it with existing experimental data and patient records. This innovative approach predicts clinical trial outcomes, all while maintaining data security through the blockchain. This not only enables medical professionals to expand clinical trial operations but also ensures sustained data integrity. More >>

Regulatory compliance

Step confidently into regulatory compliance with us. Our expert team navigates the intricate landscape of regulations, ensuring your trials meet the highest standards. We provide comprehensive services, from protocol development to submissions, audits, and reporting. With a meticulous approach, we safeguard data integrity, patient safety, and ethical considerations. Our proactive strategies anticipate and address compliance challenges, allowing you to focus on your research goals. More>>


Ensure safety and confidence with Aomics’s pharmacovigilance expertise. Our vigilant team monitors, analyzes, and reports adverse events, ensuring patient welfare and regulatory compliance. With a focus on risk assessment and mitigation, we safeguard your trials from potential safety concerns. Collaborating seamlessly with sites and sponsors, we provide timely reporting and contribute to data-driven decision-making. More >>

Medical writing

Elevate your research with precision through Aomics’s medical writing expertise. Our skilled team crafts compelling and compliant documents, from protocols and clinical study reports to regulatory submissions and publications. We transform complex data into clear narratives that resonate with stakeholders. With a keen eye for detail and adherence to industry standards, we ensure accuracy and alignment with regulatory guidelines. More >>


We develop powerful and innovative AI models and pipelines for Immuno-informatics. By leveraging AI, we assist making powerful insights from the high-throughput immunological data. More >>


Our company has created a personalised immuno-oncology tool called Onco-Cure. Using patient-derived tumour microenvironment (TME) data, the Onco-Cure analytical dashboard predicts specific immune biomarkers for each patient and enables oncologists to select and plan the best available approved targeted therapies. More >>

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